the Title Poster for SEASONAL NEWS from 'The Patch'...
"The Crumpkin's Pumpkins' Pumpkin Pie Cart's" latest appearance -- at MonsterPalooza 2017!
This Spring's MONSTERPALOOZA was bigger
than ever, and Monster Fans who visited our
Website's Interactive Promotional Display were
Trick-Or-Treated to handfuls of wicked-fun
Goodies, including Handbill Flyers
( -- with 'Mojo', on demand! -- ),
Mystery Prize Bags, Big Glossy Post Cards,
Cups, Coasters, Calendars, Cockroaches,  
& other Game Swag --
Winnable right there at The Cart...!
the PICS for the GORY DETAILS...!
Cart Mascot Pumpkins Bud & Lou
( with Mascot Rat "Choppers", lt)
bring "The Portable Patch" to feisty
life, at April's record-breaking show in
The Pasadena Convention Center, in
Pasadena, California!
(WARNING -- There WILL be MONSTERS...! - If scary frights & freaky sights offend you, stay home.)
(NEXT! -- Look Out for our Summer EBlast at RueMorgue, and, a new "RIPENING" update!)
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