the Title Poster for SEASONAL NEWS from 'The Patch'...
The Pumpkins are enjoying a bit of Mid-Summer Madness..., and we hope You are too!
"COALS? Who needs COALS...?"
'Hapless Victims' often happen-by our
bewitchingly-bucolic rural realm All
Year 'Round -- and our pernicious little
Pumpkins never like to let any wicked
little opportunity go by uncelebrated..!.
As far as The Poisonous Patch is concerned,
Summertime really is the start of the
Halloween Season...!
We hope our Good Fiends out there
enjoy a simmering Summer-full of
safely-insane Solstice Cheer...
...And look forward to offering you more Fun
Features as we 'warm-up' to the 2017 Fall Season!
(NEXT! -- Look Out for our FALL EBLAST at RueMorgue, and, a new "RIPENING" update!)
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