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"...And -- This Turkey Is Done...!"
Of course, failure is not an option for
The Poisonous Pumpkins at The Patch...
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(And Please DO Be Careful With The CANDLE!)
Yes, our Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign
is now Officially Over.
Our "Farewell Closing Comment" may be seen
on Kickstarter, and, archived here at The Patch.
The Morbidly-Curious among our Good Fiends
may agree in post-mortem that  
Something Smells Rotten in 'The Big Apple'...
But don't worry about The Pumpkins --  
Hallow's Eve WILL come again...
...and these Little Monsters GROW BACK.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! from Crumpkin's Pumpkin Patch ~
( ~ Bon Appetit! ~ )
(NEXT! -- Our SON of MonsterPalooza 2017 Pics Page posting --
soon be announced in a new "RIPENING" update!)
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