Well, you've shown The Pumpkins that you (mostly) like
"The Crumpkin's Pumpkins' Pumpkin Song",
with over 3 Million+ Views on YouTube...!
(Many of them even favorable!)
If you're one of the 1,000's of Good Fiends who've shown
you "dig" our kind of Halloween Madness, we Invite You
to Join our pending Crowdfunding Campaign (TBA 2017),
and help "Light-Up The Patch!", in a wicked-fun new
Halloween Special, with a projected release for Fall 2018.
Be sure to CHECK BACK HERE in late-Summer, 2017,
for "Ripening" details about our Campaign Launch,
when we "Go Live" (heh...), and "open the Barn Doors" to
Everybody who wants to see us put on The Show!
We'll Unleash -- Singing Pumpkins...! Sexy Halloween
Costumes...! More-Scary-Creepy-Stuff-&-Nonsense...!
(And we've got some Nice Perks-in-the-Works, too!)
~ More Devious Details Comming Later This Summer! ~
the Poster above for More Info...
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~ PROMO VIDEO coming this Summer ~
( Live Links Coming Summer 2017 -- CHECK BACK HERE for Campaign Updates! )
 CAMPAIGN PROMO VIDEO Coming this Fall! (But You'll see it HERE, First...! heh...)
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