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MONSTER FANS queue-up --
-- at the Marriott Convention Center!
SON of MonsterPalooza
Returned to Burbank, CA
September 16th-through-18th
~ 2016! ~
And -- lurking under the trees in
the Marriott's Outdoor Quad --
(The G&C Hearse -- was waiting!)   (Friday Evening's 'Will Call' Line...)
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arrives, and sets-up to Meet the Monsters...!
...Cart Mascot 'Carlotta' webs-us-in
just in time for a creepy little breeze...
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Before long, "Frankenthumbs" gives us a lively
shout-out! (well, a deathly-groan-out, really...)
"The Bride" arrives to taste a piece of The
Cart's irresistible Pumpkin Pie Taffy...!
(Everybody loved that 'gauzy-little-number'
she was 'stitched-into'...)
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The real Jennifer Rubin, star of
"Nightmare on Elm Street 3"
graciously paused to pose with The Cart...!
(The not-real) "Joel & Tom Servo"
of Mystery Science Theatre 3000
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Our Good Fiend, the nefarious Noel Jason Scott,
in another menacingly-'mesmerizing' apparance...!
of his Previous Chillingly-Chaney-esque
Manifestations (well, 2-out-of-3, anyway),
at previous Pie Cart appearances*...!
(Bud and Lou are big fans!)
[ * ClickOn the Color Pics to see Which Shows! ]
Would YOU buy a Pumpkin from This Man...?  
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These out-of-towners paused to say "Hi!" --
-- on their way to watch the Costume Contest...
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was ready to hit the hotel pool, but had
a little trouble with his "bikini"...
"They Lounge!"
Roadkill we approve of, played with
(literally) staggering attitude...
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Fans were gaga over
"Lady Jason", and the
"Freddy", who really
knew how to 'cut it'
with the crowd!
A closer look at the tortured texture of Freddy's 'friends' --
Truly amazing prosthetics detail, eh?
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It took a while for this
"Body Builder" to get every-
thing all Worked-Out --
-- but Lou thought his visit to
The Cart was definitely
worth the Weight...!
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looked a might Blue (like somewhere
he'd lost a screw), and, after killing his
mad maker, just didn't know what
to do...
The Pumpkins were anything but
Blue, when "Ayela"came by,
sporting her'double-charms'...
(or whatever-the-heck
those 'Things' are.
(Um, those Things on
her head, we mean)...
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This ghastly,
danced into Cart Mascot Bud's
pounding little pulpy-heart,
with her eerily-etherial
(Even now, she haunts us...
Really. Eeek.)
And, 'ere long, our 'umble Cart
was honored by an Audience
with "His Royal Heinous"
(who appropriately seemed to be
rotting-from-within, and we
don't mean metaphorically),
literally festering with
archly-arrogant Attitude...
(The Cart's Mascot King Cobra, "Elvis",
whissspered a note of kindred empathy.)
(Did you catch that Sly look of Utter Distain...? Oooo.)
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Our Good Fiend, "R.I.P. the Undertaker" again
lent his "festively-expectant" presence to the scene...
(He'll return later, with "A Little Friend"...)
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'Not-Ape' "Astronaut Taylor",
(in a spiffy uniform that ain't gonna
last long in the 'Forbidden Zone').
These "Kannibal Kids" had just
come from the Snack Bar
(fortunately with left-overs, so we knew they
weren't still hungry...).
"Fatal Cloris"
took a stab at serving-up a sanguine
stew of fluffy terror...!
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An "Ice Wizard" cooly wandered by, pointedly posing
for this Frosty Portrait with a weirdly-wintery glare...
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This "Thorny Gal's" sharp wits didn't
get in the way of her looking grape!
Good Fiend and MakeUp Effects Guru Rob Burman
sharing a philosophical moment with this "Horny Guy"...
While "Howard the Duck" slyly-clucked,
'Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar'...
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"R.I.P. the Undertaker returned, with -- "Mini R.I.P."(!),
to enjoy a bewitching moment with Miss Novak and Pyewacket...
(We rather suspect 'parthenogenesis'...)
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A 'little bird' told Ol'
"Top Hat & Tusks"
to visit The Cart in his
subtle-SteamPunk best...
...where this like-hatted
"White Rabbit" also soon
(Lou, in b.g.,
was really hoping she'd like to
'make a little time', but she was late
for a date, and had to hop -away
-- not easy in those shoes...)
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A gracious "Lady of the Sea"
shared a truly-cerulean greeting!
This hip-notic "Aquatic Alien" was
up-to-the-gills with telepathic 'tude...
Later, a soggy "Lotus-Lover" made
a real splash in Rope & Tails...
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"The Magee Twins"
hobbled by, pausing for a moment to offer a touching smile,
and we were glad to see that their latest Operation went well...
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VERY well-armed
"Colonial Marines"
landed at The Cart,
ready to deploy some
real pretty s**t,
we can tell you!
Killer Cosplay by
The Infamous Duane
and Sin Twisted...!
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In primitively-prominent head-dress,
a "Black-Trained Enchantress"
arrived in fatally-fascinating,
...While "RIP" looked to have
been ROLLED (and then
some!) -- possibly by his
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Only a glimpse of the Costume Contest!
(So much more to be seen there...)
Awesome Kit, man, truly...
This 'four-eyed' "Alien Girl" seems to have
lost her Flying Saucer -- oh wait, here it is -- !
-- crashed(!) into "Alice In Wonderland",
(along with Teacup & Kettle too!)... Yikes...
  (Poor Alice might've fared better, had she
been wearing "This Guy's", um, 'hat'...)
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Oh, Ya' Better Watch Out...'
Reminding us that those 'Other'
Holidays are also on the way, this
"Axe-weilding Psycho Santa"
could be comin' down YOUR chimney
And good luck to him --if
"Zombie Girl" here is what's
waiting for him under The Tree...
(We suggest you LET her HAVE the MILK & COOKIES, Kris -- it might keep YOU off the Menu...!)
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And, with the Monsters and Their Fans
at last heading home from ~
~ has Survived (once again!), to
'serve-up' a Portable Patch-full of
Ghastly Goodies, such as:
- Savory visits to "The Herb Garden"...!
- Often-fatal "Hay Maze" excursions...!
- Sinister late-night snacks from
"Terror Trailer Theatre...!
- Daily PRIZES for Gift Shop explosions...!
- And of course we sang ~
(Now Over 3 Million Views
on YouTube)...!
To those Good Fiends who helped us make it to
(and through) The Show...!
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Our Latest ~
~ Ghastly Appearance!
And Look Out(!) for our Next Appearance! ~
~ this coming Spring, 2018...!
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BONUS! Program Art for our Next Show --
at SON of MonsterPalooza, in Sept. '17!
( Want a HIGHER-REZ Poster? Contact The Patch! )
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to Eliot Brodsky, his charming wife Suri, and Mom & Dad,
and The SON of MonsterPalooza Staff,
for another special event the Fans will always remember!
to Elizabeth Joanou, Convention Service Manager, Burbank Marriott!
to Eric Haskell, Haskell FX,
for vital Cart 'Roadie' Services & Venue Set-Up!
to David Johnson and Brian Moniz,
for vital Cart Transportation Prep & Wrap Assistance!
to Henry Salari at Concept 27 Creative Studios,
for our Eye-Catching (ewww...) Promotional Printing!
to The Taffy Shop
for The Cart's irresistible 'Pumpkin Pie Salt Water Taffy'!
To Eric and Matt at Creature Features,
for Promotional placement at their legendary Burbank Store/Museum!
to Del and Sue Howison, at Dark Delicacies,
for Promotional placement at "The Best Horror Bookshop in the World"
To Larry & Kathy, at Blast From The Past,
for Promotional placement at their awesome Burbank emporium!
to Bob Dykes at Galpin Studio Rentals,
for quality transportation vehicles!
And to LuluBell FiFi-Peaches,
for Cart Set-Up, Supervision & Venue Operations!
Plus many more sinister -- er, Sincere Thanks to all our other Good Fiends
who lent a hand (or a claw, or a tentacle, or, whatever)
to help keep "The Pie Cart" rolling...!
~ ! Did we miss your Credit? ~
If you are one of the uncredited Monstrous Merry-Makers who posed for a pic
with our Portable Patch, Contact Us with your info and we'll link to you!
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